Èric Rodriguez Lopez (Spain, 21 February 1987 -), known in most spanish and catalan speakings contries as Èric Kirby, is a writer of novels. He mostly writes mythological and adventurous books with a high level of creativity. His books feature topics of egyptology and Egyptian esoterism and also paleontology. He has also been awarded prizes in the arts as a painter and designer on the web but not only.


Childhood and youth


Born in Tarragona, Spain on February 21st, 1987. Born as only child, his mother defined him as the greatest little child. His mother Loly and his father Angel both come from families of humble origin. Eric lived in the neighborhood of Torreforta until 1993, when he moved to San Pedro and San Pablo. In 1999 he was accepted in the Institute of St. Peter and Paul, and completed his Bachelor in 2003. During his high school and university years, he showed to know innately several notions regarding paleontology and egyptology, as well as some words and expressions from ancient Egypt.

Whatever he did, from sports to other after school activity, Eric was considered a nice and humble child, full of empathy. He started painting at a younger age than most children and studied painting and drawing for 8 years, and his teacher Peter used to praise his imagination and tell him that he was able to stroke the brush innately. Eric would take his drawing book everywhere he went and sold many paintings of different styles.

During his childhood his parents traveled extensively throughout Spain, and every place Kirby visited stayed in his memory.  On January 1st 2007 he visited Madrid for three days iand fell in love with the city. Fifteen days after he moved to Madrid. He also lived in Gran Canaria where he worked in a five-star hotel ... a funny experience when a German tourist left him a five-hundred euro tip to show him how good he had been as a waiter. He also lived in the Asturias region for a few months and then he had to move back home to Tarragona…the economic crisis had an impact on him as well.  
In 2010 he graduated with honors in Hieroglyphics Studies from the Clos Foundation. The Generalitat of Catalonia also awarded him as a recognized lecturer. He also gained other degrees in the same field and and several teaching hours and practices for the Government.
In 2010 he self-published the book "Introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs for Children and Adults," that sold more than 300 copies by simple word of mouth.
In 2012, Eric traveled throughout Egypt with his mother, just three months after the Egyptian riots started. She did not believe in reincarnation but she changed her mind overnight when she saw Èric travel innately through Egypt as if he had always lived there. Èric Kirby confessed that he cried in almost every corner of Egypt. Each grave affected his mood and in every temple his eyes filled themselves with tears while reading those texts. He was allowed in a temple closed to the public where, he believes that all the gods that are represented are at their maximum "personification" (i.e.: all displaying a full human head). There it was the god Anubis (with fully human head, the only such representation discovered until today), and Eric asked to be there alone to cry and pray ... until he decided to return to the "present".
Èric Kirby, a good christian living in sin because he was never baptized, during an ancient ceremony was finally baptized in the Nile as if he were an ancient Egyptian. He was allowed into places forbidden to tourists and hidden to the public. As a modern Indiana Jones, tourists took photos of him, and posted them on Facebook and other social networks not even knowing who he was. 
In Barcelona, half a year later, some Asian tourists approached him and began to speak in either English or Chinese ... it turned out that they were the same tourists who took pictures of him in Egypt.
After his degree in Egyptology, he worked as a teacher, giving private courses and conferences in several public places like bookstores, libraries, etc.. He created a computer program called "Enigmas of Kemet"  about Egypt, its mysteries and how “we have been misled“ when told stories about Egyptian history. From there his legendary phrase or saying “History is not as it has been told" .
Kirby’s goals now are to study paleontology and meteorology, keep writing books and become a professor of Hieroglyphs and Egyptology.

He currently sells Egyptian replicas made by hand, detail and personalized objects. He is writing a science fiction-historical novel and a dictionary of hieroglyphics that will be the most complete on the planet (with some surprises inside).

Èric Kirby

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