2004. Biologia per a Batxillerat I i II(in Catalan).


Summary: A complete textbook for bachelor's degree students first.


(Out of print)



2005. Paleontologia, la ciència del fóssils (in Catalan).


Summary: A research thesis of everything that you know about that paleontology. The book accompanies a mini-CD with images, a power point, a paleontologist an interview, etc..



2011. Introucción a los JEROGLÍFICOS EGIPCIOS para Jóvenes y Adultos(in hieroglyphs and Spanish).


Editorial: Circulo Rojo


ISBN: 978-84-9991-039-0


P.V.P.: € 25,00


Summary on the back (translation): Who has not ever wondered that contain these strange signs that appear in the texts and monuments of ancient Egypt? As interpreted? For whom?


This young author, Eric Kirby, and passionate student of grammar and culture of Ancient Egypt is committed to an introductory guide to reading hieroglyphics, based on the grammar Egyptian hieroglyphics with color it easier to understand while enjoyable monitoring.


Includes exercises at the end of each topic, so that readers can check their level of understanding and so familiar with the vocabulary.


This book is intended for those who want to start writing and understanding of hieroglyphics without having to use complicated grammars and dictionaries complex at the end of the book contains a modest but useful dictionary that can be found all words used throughout the book.


Highly recommended





2009. Magia Egipcia para Tiempos Modernos (in Spanish).


Summary: An esoteric work that brings people to esotericism and magic of the early period but with a level and tolerance for people of today. Crossing everything you need, what to do and how to do it with rituals outstanding.



2010. Hebet En Ba: El Libro del Alma (In hieroglyphs and Spanish)


Summary: A unique book on Egyptian rituals based on ancient texts (the book of the dead, coffins texts / the pyramids, etc..) With a summary of how the rituals and what result I have.








2008. Egyptosophia (for online magazine murmurs of Magic) (in Spanish)


Summary: Summarize the philosophy of the ancient Egyptians and how they arrived to the present time by the Greek philosophers, the conquerors of Egypt or the Christian religion.



2009. Egipto Verde, Egipto arena... (For online magazine Magazine Summerland) (In Spanish)


Summary: Covers ancient climate change caused the end of lI'mperi ancient Egyptians as the drain and famine devastated Egypt and grew up as the desert where before today and had low vegetation and gardens. With satellite images modified and created other completely.


Highly recommended.






Working in the works of "La Civilización Perdida de Jules Verne ¿Realidad o Ficción?"(In Spanish), which is the writer Verne and two friends who travel to an unknown land from a papyrus discovered in Egypt, a work it is an adventure that could have Verne described a breakthrough in his book Journey to the Center of the Earth and how he could hide certain things and certain information to the people of his time, and still today day, his work classified as adventure fiction and imagination, and thus protecting this world who had found him and his friends to a privileged few who also hidden.


With the era of information and illustrations on papyrus own.




Nostros, los hijos de Anubis                                        Egipto Verde, Egipto Arena...                                          Mágia Egipcia (a la practica)

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